Super Size

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MAX’S SuperSize will push your metabolism anabolic! You will pack thousands more kilojoules of muscle building nutrients into your daily eating plan to ensure you make the gains you want. Each serve in low fat milk gives you a massive 800 calories (3400kj) and 51 grams of protein, plus heaps of clean energy carbs to fuel massive muscle growth and rapid weight gains. Rapid size and mass building formula. Micro-filtered whey protein. Huge protein intake per serve. High quality kilojoules for massive gains.

Key Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Key Ingredients

MAX'S SuperSize Nutrition MAX'S SuperSize is a blend of high quality protein, high energy carbs and essential vitamins and minerals.

Whey Protein Concentrate One of nature's best muscle building proteins, WPC has the perfect amino acid profile for building maximum muscle mass.

Long Chain Glucose Polymers (Maize Maltodextrin) Provide a fast and sustained release of energy nutrients to building maximum muscle mass and fuel your bdy for optimum performance.


When should I take Supersize? Take Supersize between meals. Mid morning and mid afternoon are the best times to take it. You can also take Supersize straight after working out because the high protein and carb levels will really help with your recovery

Can I take Supersize before Bed? Yes you can. Supersize will help feed your muscles and replenish your energy while you sleep however because it is relatively fast acting it won’t stay in your system all night. We would recommend considering MAX’S CASEIN SR for optimum results.

Does SuperSize contain any sugar? No, Supersize is sugar free.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 120g (3 heaped scoops)
Servings per container: 19

Nutritional Value Per Serve in Water Per Serve in 500mL Milk Per 100g
Energy 1970kJ 3400kJ 1640kJ
Protein 31.2g 51.6g 26.0g
Fat - Total 2.0g 19.0g 1.7g
Fat - Saturated 1.4g 12.4g 1.2g
Carbohydrates - Total 80.2g 107.3g 66.8g
Carbohydrates - Sugars 2.5g 32.0g 2.1g
Sodium 420mg 600mg 350mg
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