Super Shred

Product Type : Weight loss

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Weight: 1.82kg
Flavours: chocolate


MAX’S SuperShred is and advanced Thermogenic Fat Stripping Formula that combines fast and sustained release protein with powerful fat burning nutrients to help you build a lean, shredded and muscular physique.
Blended protein for sustained release, longer growth window and appetite control.
Low in fat and carbs
Added and naturally occurring BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine).
Fat burning thermogenic formula.

Being a year round shredder I always get asked the same question – “Bro! Can you build muscle and get shredded at the same time?”
Well muscle fam, the answer is yes! And with a little help from my SuperShred formula, it’s even easier! SuperShred combines a sustained release protein blend with some awesome thermogenic ingredients. That means you can drip feed your bod that sweet sweet muscle building protein, while tearing that body fat to shreds!
Stick with big MAXy and you’ll be breaking necks on the beach come summer time!

Nutritional Value Per Serve in Water Per 100g
Energy 460kJ (110 Cal) 1530kJ (360 Cal)
Protein 21.6g 72.1g
Fat - Total 0.7g 2.3g
Fat - Saturated 0.1g 0.3g
Carbohydrates - Total 3.9g 12.9g
Carbohydrates - Sugars 0.8g 2.5g
Sodium 80mg 270mg