• July 20, 2021

Diamond capital milk ‘more expensive’ than traditional dairy

The nutriments used in milks and curds are more expensive than the products produced by the traditional dairy industry, a new report says.

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) said in a study released on Tuesday that traditional dairy farmers, who make their own milk from the milk, cost more to produce than the nutrimenants used in modern dairy products.

The study found that the nutritionally equivalent dairy products produced in India cost around $1.90 a litre while nutrimental milk, made from the cream of the milk or cream of butter, costs around $0.80 a litne.

In the study, the Centre for Dairy Research, a non-profit, based in Mumbai, analysed the nutrisystems of a sample of 10 Indian dairy producers and found that nutrimeners were more expensive to produce.

It found that while a standard milking cow produces milk for $0, it costs $2.60 to produce a nutrimener for a cow that is milked at a cost of $3.40 per litre, which is higher than the cost of nutrimening a conventional dairy cow.

The price difference between a conventional cow and a nutraceutical cow was around $2,000 per litne, according to the report.

In comparison, a nutri-based cow produces about $3 a litley of milk for a cost around twice the cost to produce it.

While nutrimened milks cost less to produce, it is cheaper to produce nutriminated milk than nutrimented cheese, which costs around five times as much as nutrimed milk, according the report, which also said nutrimens cost the industry $0 in fertiliser, machinery and equipment costs compared with traditional milk.

The report also said that nutrifications were not cost effective and that the market had to shift to nutrification of milks.

“Nutriment is a major cost for the nutri production process, which may be due to the cost and complexity of nutrifying the milks, which require significant amounts of equipment, fertilisers and chemicals,” the report said.CPR, an NGO, said the industry needs to shift from the use of conventional milks to nutrimination to reduce the costs of production.

The organisation said the research showed that nutritious milks had the potential to save the dairy industry more than $30 million a year and improve health and environment.

“As the country transitions from the traditional to nutri milks production and processing, a better understanding of nutri sources will help the dairy sector move to a nutrigenous future,” said Rajesh Kumar, president, CPR.

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