• July 18, 2021

How to spend a few days in Australia’s most popular tourist destination

The Sydney-Melbourne region has long been known for its high-quality food and drinks, but a new wave of Australian tourists is bringing more money into the region’s coffers.

Photo: Supplied In the past five years, the area’s tourist revenue has grown by almost $15 billion.

The region is one of the largest in the country and, with its strong regional tourism industry, attracts millions of tourists each year.

Its main attractions are the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

It also boasts some of the most well-preserved heritage sites in Australia.

However, as the city’s tourism industry continues to boom, more and more Australian tourists are choosing to spend time in the region.

“The fact is that Sydney has been a great place to be for many, many years, and I think that’s reflected in the numbers of tourists that are choosing Sydney as their destination,” said Dr Ian Smith, executive director of the NSW Centre for Tourism and the Economy.

“I think the number of people that are visiting the city from overseas is a lot higher than people realise, and that’s a good thing for Sydney.”

“We’ve had a significant amount of people visiting from overseas and, of course, the city has a great reputation, but we also have the great history and heritage of the city.”

Dr Smith said tourists to the city had been choosing Sydney to spend the weekend, particularly during the summer months.

“They’ve been choosing to come and visit Sydney and the city for its fantastic beaches and the beautiful Sydney Harbour,” he said.

“People who have been coming to Sydney for the last five years and they’ve been coming for the first time since 2004 are coming back and spending more money.”

He said the region was a popular tourist draw for many international travellers.

“Australia is known around the world for its hospitality and the fact that we’ve got such a strong tourism industry is great,” he explained.

“Tourism is not only about the money.

It’s about the people and the culture that’s being represented in the city.”

That’s why people come here.

“In addition to the money tourists are spending, there is also a growing demand for local services, particularly for the elderly.”

There are people coming here to get help with their finances and that is a very important part of our economic life in the community,” he added.”

If we can’t make sure that there’s something that’s available for them in the event of an emergency that they might need to be there for then, then they’re going to need help.

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