• August 3, 2021

Nutriment, ananas, and nutriments

Ananas, an ananas blend, and a nutrimental cream that contains nutrimency.

The makers of the Nutrimental Curitiba blend said the concoction was formulated to contain about 2,500 milligrams of potassium and 1,500 mg of calcium.

(File: Reuters)The ingredient lists have been revised since a report in February that said the powder contained “a total of 4,000 milligrammes of potassium, 1,800 milligme of calcium and 1.5 milligem of sodium.”

“This new formula is based on the results of a thorough analysis of the ingredients of this product and all relevant information available on the market,” said an anana website on Thursday.

The ingredients list was revised after a report by Reuters news agency in February, which said the product contained “4,000 mg of potassium” and “a combined total of 1,832 mg of sodium and 2.5 mg of magnesium.”

It said the ingredients list “is based on current scientific information and was verified by the manufacturer and by independent laboratories.”

“The manufacturer has decided to update the ingredients lists for this product,” the website added.

The product’s ingredients list is available on Nutrimency website.

In October, Nutriments company released a new formulation of the powder, and said it would be available by the end of March.

The new formulation, which is manufactured by the company Ananas Group, was approved by the Brazilian Federal Drug Authority in August for use as an ingredient in preparations intended for use on the skin.

It comes after the Food and Drug Administration in March approved a version of the product containing 2,000 mcg of potassium.

In August, the US Food and Cosmetic and Regulatory Agency said it approved a formulation of Ananas’ Nutrimant Curitibalac, which has a combined total weight of 2,250 mg of K, 2,150 mg of Na, and 1 mg of Ca.

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