• August 3, 2021

Nutriment: What are the ingredients?

Nutriments can be used to create a range of products including: herbal tea extracts, tinctures and mouth sprays, perfume, skin lotions and bath oils.

They can also be used as an ingredient in skin whitening creams and lotions, and in hair and nail care products.

The ingredients used to make the products range from simple to complex.

Some are used in a cosmetic way, while others are used to improve the quality of the product.

The main ingredients are sugar alcohol, glycerin, lanolin and water.

Glycerin is used as a sweetener and lanoline is used to give the fragrance.

Glyceryl-3-O-Lauric acid is the main flavouring.

The flavouring is a combination of glycerol and propylene glycol, which gives the product its colour and aroma.

The glycerine is a liquid with a very low solubility.

It does not penetrate the skin.

The lanolins are also present, but they are a natural flavour and they are not added to the formulation.

The water is a stabiliser which helps to bind the ingredients together.

A good rule of thumb is that the more ingredients there are in a product, the better it will be.

Some examples of what can be found in some products are:Lanolin-based creams (such as those with the Glycerine-Based Facial Treatment) may contain:Glycerin-containing products may contain:(Glycerine)Water-based skin whiteners (such in the form of whitening balms, deodorants and other products) may include:Glycerin-free products may include:(Glyceryl)Oleic acid, butylene glycerinic acid and propyl glyceriinic acid are often used as preservatives.(Glycolic)Coconut oil may contain:-Aqueous sodium cocoyl glyceride-Glyceride-Oleamide-Vinyl palmitate-Aqua-Acetyl propionate-Acrylic acid-Lactose-Cocamide-L-ascorbic acid-Palmitic acidBoron nitride is used in some cosmetic and personal care products to help to prevent oil build-up.(Cocamidopropyl)is a natural sunscreen ingredient.(Vinyl)is used in cosmetics.(Vitrol)is an organic pigment used in perfumes.(Vitamin C) is a natural antioxidant.(Viticin) is an emollient.(Citric Acid) is used by skin care products.(Glycerol-free) is often used to add moisture to skin.(Vincristin) may be used in many cosmetic products.(Aqueose) is commonly used as the emollients.(GMO) is derived from genetically modified organisms.(Vibrose) is the emulsifier used in lotions.(Lanolol) is added to make creams.(Sodium Citrate) is extracted from animal bones.(Hydroxypropyl) is dissolved in water.(Methylcellulose) may also be added to some cosmetic products:(Lactyl) Glycerol is used for texture.(Aquatic Glyceryls) is another natural ingredient.(Lactitol) is found in many natural foods.(Gluconolactone) is also added.(Bifunctional Oxygenated) is usually added.(Soybean Glycerylasparaginyl Phosphate) is normally added.(Amino Acids) are added to a wide range of natural foods.

The ingredient list of a product may vary from product to product.(Phosphate Chloride) is naturally found in foods and supplements.(Aromatic Amino Acetate) may help with colour.(Polymer Siloxane) is sometimes used in products.(Tropicana) is generally used in creams, powders and lipsticks.(Water, Glyceronitrope) is typically added.(Acetate Copolymer) is what makes up the main component of some skin care ingredients.(Water) is mainly used in the treatment of blemishes and infections.(Borax) is not used in cosmetic products and is not normally found in the skin.(Eicosapentaenoic Acid) was originally derived from corn.

The key ingredients of many skin care and personalcare products are not easily quantified.

However, there is a lot of information available on the internet.

The more you know about a product the more you can compare it to its ingredient list.

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