• August 8, 2021

Quebecers are ‘furious’ at Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

A day after Kinder Morgan announced it will expand the Trans Mountain pipeline from Burnaby to Burnaby, the premier of Quebec said she was “furious” at the expansion.

Kinder Morgan has said it will build up to 10,000 kilometres of the pipeline, which will carry diluted bitumen from Alberta to B.C. in exchange for Kinder Morgan’s access to the market.

Premier Jean Charest said Tuesday the company has a duty to protect its “public interest.”

“I think it’s important that the federal government be fully informed and be involved in the decision-making process to protect the environment and the people of the province of Quebec,” Charest told reporters in Quebec City.

“This pipeline will increase the environmental damage, the environmental impacts on the environment.”

Kinder Morgan also has a right to be consulted.

“The project has already been approved by the federal and provincial governments.

So the question is: Does it have to be approved by Quebec?

Does it need to be a provincial decision?”

Charest asked.

“Is it a matter of federal jurisdiction, does it need the Quebec government’s approval?

And is it in the best interests of the Quebec people that the government is involved in that decision?”

He added that the company’s expansion is a good investment in the future of the region.

The company has been working with Quebec’s provincial government on the expansion for several years.

In 2016, Kinder Morgan applied to expand its Trans Mountain line from Burnhamthorpe, B.K., to Burnham, Que., with a new terminal in Burnham.

In 2017, Kinder met with Quebec officials to determine whether the project would be subject to environmental review.

Charest also said the expansion will create a new “environmental hotspot” in Burnaby.

The expansion project would require approval by Quebec’s government, and it’s not clear whether the province would be involved.

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