• August 9, 2021

The most expensive organic foods you can buy in Canada

Nutriment, the most expensive of Canada’s organic food brands, is the subject of a new CBC investigation that has the company under investigation by Health Canada.CBC News investigative reporter Mike Schmitt interviewed Nutriments owner, Michael Kesten, who was unable to provide an answer to a series of questions about the probe.

Kesten said NutrimENTS was recently granted a special dispensation to operate in Ontario under the province’s Organic Foods Act.

But he did not elaborate on the specifics of the dispensation, citing the ongoing investigation.

“There’s no comment on the investigation, nor are there any plans for any further comment at this time,” Kestens website says.

“We are working diligently with our legal counsel and regulatory partners to complete the review, as expeditiously as possible.”

Kestens company did not respond to requests for comment from CBC News.CBC reported last year that NutrimENT was awarded a dispensation in Ontario in 2017, but was unable the company would be able to comply with its federal requirements.

A spokesperson for Health Canada said the department has “no comment at the moment” on any investigation.

The company was founded in 2004 by Michael Kasten, and he is the co-founder of Nutrimental.

Kastens family owns several Canadian food brands including Nutrimonets, which sells in Canada under the brand name Black Friday, and Nutrimented Chicken Cat.

Nutriments is one of the highest-grossing Canadian organic brands.

It has more than 300 locations in Canada, and its website boasts it has been “one of the best-selling organic organic foods brands in Canada since 2006.”

Its popularity has risen in recent years as organic food sellers are encouraged to use ingredients sourced from local farms to help them sell their products.

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